Junji Water Treatment Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan, Hubei, China, is a high & new-tech enterprise at the national level, engaging in the development and application of advanced wastewater treatment and wastewater recycling technology.

With a group of technical engineers with abundant practical experience, the company has gained nearly 100 national patents by far.

Junji is the global leader for the applied technology of advanced wastewater treatment projects with powdered activated carbon, the forerunner in the field of microbial water treatment and the expert in industrial wastewater treatment, upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater plants, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, ecological restoration and petroleum wastewater treatment.

Junji, with constant development and innovation in engineering projects, has developed a series of highly standardized wastewater treatment technologies with independent intellectual property rights and achieved autonomization of core technical skills, service personalization, low-carbon energy consumption, process modularization and intelligent operation.

In the field of advanced treatment of industrial wastewater, the company owns large-scale composite regeneration technology of powdered activated carbon and supersized solid-liquid separation technology of complex industrial wastewater through powdered activated carbon, and developed and manufactured complete sets of special equipment.

Now, this technology has successfully overcome the universal problem of transferring the industrial wastewater into IV-grade surface water.

In the field of urban domestic wastewater treatment, Junji owns the adsorption technology of activated carbon with compound modification, which, characterized by low cost and high standard, can treat the tail water into III-grade surface water at low cost during the upgrading and reconstruction of existing urban domestic wastewater treatment plants.

With the enterprise tenet of creating and leading the future, Junji, adhering to the principle of scientific and technological pollution control, devotes itself to creating a leading brand in the field of wastewater treatment.

With Junji in Wuhan and environmental protection in the world, we are looking forward to making efforts together with you to create lucid waters and lush mountains jointly.

Corporate values:Customer first,Service first,Quality first

Enterprise services: providing one-stop solutions integrating design consultation, investment construction and operation management

Business scopes: wastewater in industrial parks; urban domestic wastewater; enterprise wastewater; and ecological restoration of contaminated water, river channels and lakes, etc.

Business modes: BOT, TOT, ROT, EPC ,OM and PPP, etc.

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